When I was thirteen years old, my grandfather challenged me to start a blog about cars. I took him up on it, seeing it as both an opportunity to share my passion and to hone my writing and photography skills. Growing up I had become primarily fascinated by automotive design, and so my blog focused mainly on aesthetics, taking photos of intriguing vehicles I saw on the street and at shows and writing in-depth reviews of the cars’ designs. However, over time my automotive interests have deepened and broadened. My passion for cars has expanded to include interests in mechanics and what goes on underneath the sheet metal, motorsports from F1 and IndyCar to WRC, and the inner workings of the automotive industry—why certain cars get approved for production and the decisions that go into what makes the finished product. Therefore, with this blog, All Things Automotive, I hope to cast a wider net, talking about all of the aspects of the automotive spectrum that pique my interest, from engines to aerodynamics, industry news to motorsports, and of course, design.

Wherever I travel, I seek the most fascinating and memorable car experiences, from the Revs Institute in Florida to the Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angeles to Autoworld Brussels in Belgium and to the Lamborghini and Ferrari museums in Italy. I have explored streets from London to New York to Beverly Hills to even Malta, camera in hand, documenting the car scene at each location. I take an annual pilgrimage to the Javits Center for the New York International Auto Show, even traveling over eight hours on the bus from college. As a motorsports fan I have seen racing at home—Formula E’s New York ePrix—and abroad—the 2019 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix. There’s always more to see, and this blog serves to share my findings on my continued explorations and my thoughts on what I have discovered.

Besides my original blog, I have done my fair share of writing. I have written about the automotive industry and motorsports for The Tartan, Carnegie Mellon University’s independent student-run newspaper, where I also served as publisher. I completed an internship with Carbuzz.com, writing news stories about recent automotive debuts, rumors, and industry updates, and have contributed to the website on a freelance basis. I have also written for the Los Angeles Times, and my photographs have been published in both the Los Angeles and New York Times.